The Art of Having a Worship Room

I can’t believe I forgot to blog again. I don’t think life is particularly hectic right now, it just slips my mind. Maybe because it’s Christmas, and I’m a little bit in holiday-mode and blogging just isn’t on my radar because nothing is on my radar.

Okay, here we go.

On the women’s retreat I went to, there was a room called the worship room. There was no talking, as it was designed to, well, worship. It was open 24/7.

It was a beautiful room. The main lights were off, and strings of fairy lights lines the ceiling, giving off enough light to see but little enough to create atmosphere. There were fake candles around the place, and in one corner a massive cross. Worship music and instrumental music was playing on the speakers 24/7 as well.

I’ll try to explain the setup of the room, but I think it’ll be a struggle.

There were rugs, cushions, couches, chairs, scattered throughout the room, and at each chair, couch, or rug, was tissues, candles, bible verses, and sometimes a wooden petition that had plants, fairy lights, Bible verses, or pictures on it.

It was really beautiful.

I went there a couple of times on the Saturday and Sunday, and it was a great place to focus on God. Sometimes I journaled, sometimes I just prayed, sometimes I just sat still in His presence, sometimes I fell asleep. It was fantastic.

I was thinking about how great it was, and then I was thinking about what made it great. The décor was absolutely stunning, yes, but I think what made it special was the intentionality of it all. You went to that room for Jesus. There wasn’t space for distraction, it was purely for Him. And in this, I know that the depth I felt in my relationship with Jesus on that retreat is possible in my everyday life, if only I am intentional about spending time with Him and being open to what He wants to do in my life.

I still want the beautiful décor, but more than that I want to spend more time with God.

Sarah xx

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