The Art of Receiving

So we’re all aware, I won’t be blogging from tomorrow until Monday/Tuesday.

It’s because tomorrow I’m going away on a woman’s retreat, and it’s a no-phone-no-laptop kind of retreat. No internet, no screens.

When I first heard this, my response was:

“Euuuuuuuaaaaaaooooeeeerghhhhhh. What!?”

But now I’m excited. It’s intentionally taking away distractions, which will always be beneficial when yearning to hear from God. I’m keen to go away somewhere and simply receive rather than half-receiving-half-working.

Even though I won’t be blogging for the next few days, you should get keen (as a bean) because when I do next blog, it can be all wise and what I’ve learnt and experienced. Happy? Me too!

We all need time to get away from our life’s usual routine and do something like this. Energise yourself, focus yourself, receive.

This blog post is short, but it’s in preparation of the massively long blog post I’ll put up on Monday/Tuesday. (I say this because I don’t know what time we’ll get home on Monday, so I don’t want to promise a blog post. #notgivingyoufalsehope)

Okay. This blog post was put up so early. Craaaa-zy.

Have a great day, campers,

Sarah xx

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