Creative Writing

The Art of Writing out your Feelings (part 19)

There are some days that just seem a bit overwhelming. It feels like you have a million things to do (when in reality it’s three, and you’re just being a drama queen), you’re tired, it’s hot, you just want to drop every single responsibility and spend all day in bed, binge-watching “Castle” whilst eating Thai food.

Or is that just me?

So here’s a little song I’m working on, because my brain is fried to talk about something exceptionally deep. Unless by exceptionally deep you mean Pad-Thai with chicken and prawns, because if that’s the case I’m all in, campers. Seriously, who knew noodles could be so magnificent?

Tell me what to say

And I’ll tell you what to think

Are you willing to stay

Until it’s all been done.

I think there’s more waiting for you

Just stay a moment

Before you do anything,

Before you run.

You wear a crown of fear

You hold your head up high

What if I told you our end is near

Would you still treat this the same?

I hope someone out there is happily eating Thai food, because that’s the dream right now.

Sarah xx

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