Shift / Poem

There are some days that just seem a bit overwhelming. It feels like you have a million things to do (when in reality it’s three, and you’re just being a drama queen), you’re tired, it’s hot, you just want to drop every single responsibility and spend all day in bed, binge-watching “Castle” whilst eating Thai food.

Or is that just me?

So here’s a little song I’m working on, because my brain is fried to talk about something exceptionally deep. Unless by exceptionally deep you mean Pad-Thai with chicken and prawns, because if that’s the case I’m all in, campers.

‘Shift’, by me:

Tell me what to say

And I’ll tell you what to think

Are you willing to stay

Until it’s all been done.

I think there’s more waiting for you

Just stay a moment

Before you do anything,

Before you run.

You wear a crown of fear

You hold your head up high

What if I told you our end is near

Would you still treat this the same?

I hope someone out there is happily eating Thai food, because that’s the dream right now.

Sarah xx

By Sarah

My name is Sarah and I’m a twenty two year old who loves Jesus first and foremost, finds joy in the simple things, and appreciates a good metaphor and oxford comma.

I blog three times a week at

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