The Art of Attending

I can’t believe I forgot to blog again yesterday. My passion for blogging hasn’t waned, it’s the simply fact of being out of my usual routine.

Yesterday entailed going to my first funeral, then afterwards going to the beach. I’m currently not at my usual residence, and I’m listening to Christmas music (don’t sue me just because it isn’t December yet). Point is, things haven’t been normal for the past few days.

Hence why I forgot to blog yesterday.

But I’ve remembered for today, which is pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

I think the ‘weirdest’ thing from the past few days was putting on my black skirt and shirt the morning of the funeral. I’d never been to a funeral before this one, so it was a bizarre feeling knowing that, in a way, my outfit was decided for me that day. I didn’t have to search through all my clothes to decide what to wear, I simply picked the only two black things I have that were heat-appropriate.

Turns out not many people wore full black anyway. Still, I felt it appropriate, especially considering it was my first.

Many people know this well, but I change clothes often. I’ll start the day in one outfit and finish the day in something completely different. Yesterday was no different; I started off in full black and finished the day in no black at all. It would’ve felt a bit wrong to keep the black on all day, if I’m being honest; kind of like a constant reminder of why I had to be wearing black.

Going to the beach that afternoon was lovely, though. The air was hot-as, but the water freeeezing, so no swimming happened. The colour of the water was beautiful, though. Here are some pictures:


The beach will forever be a calming reward. I haven’t ever lived at the beach, so whenever I do go it’s always exciting.

Well, on that note I think it’s time for me to go to bed. Though I can hear something in the ceiling which is a bit disconcerting. I hope I don’t accidentally eat it in the night. (Not if it’s a possum or something; I mean if it’s a moth or little bug. I don’t think I could ever accidentally eat a possum. Ew.)

Sarah xx


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