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The Art of Following

God has been showing me lately to live on the beauty of life and to follow the moments that I would usually not stop for.

Yesterday, when I drew that picture of the tall tree? I was living on the beauty of life and followed through on something that I usually would’ve ignored. I wanted to capture the tree so I tried to. I saw something beautiful and made it a part of my life.

In all my busyness, I don’t know how often I simply ‘roll’ with such moments. I don’t often see a tree and think ‘let’s take five minutes to admire it’. I see a tree and I think nothing at all.

But I think Jesus lived on the beauty of life and followed such moments that I tend to subconsciously stray from.

I’m currently reading the gospel of Mark in the Bible, and if Jesus’ eye captures something, He’ll follow through.

If something made Jesus want to cry, He would. He wept. He followed through with a feeling and didn’t keep pushing on to His next task. He lived what He felt inside.

He didn’t ignore the ‘small’ things. He went off on His own to pray, He noticed creation. He took the time to sit with the Father.

On a modern-level for me right now, following those ‘small’ moments and living on the beauty of life has shown itself through:

– Noticing the smell of mangoes

– Picking up a bunch of flower petals

– Seeking someone out to hug them

Waking up at 6 and actually getting out of bed just to watch the sky with God

Crying when I need to cry

– Moisturising my hands (lol but legit).

See? Small things. But things that I can easily ignore when I’m too focused on what I have to do next or what’s due next week.

My point is is that sometimes we get so caught up we don’t notice that we’re charging through life with our heads down. Sometimes what will actually make us feel better is to take the time to look up,  look around, gaze at the life around us.

Just take the time. Take the time and let yourself live in the beauty of a moment. Don’t rush it, don’t analyse it. Just live in it. Live on the beauty of life and let things surprise you in a good way. Look at extraordinary things that have become ordinary.

You hearin’ me?

Sarah xx

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