The Art of Calm

I woke up at ten minutes to six this morning, and instead of doing what I usually would have (rolled over and tried to fall back into my dream) I got out of bed. Right away, no complaints, no tiredness. I don’t know how it happened. I just…got up.

I pride myself on being a morning person (though it is a love/hate relationship, particularly on a weekend when I just want to sleep in but I can’t because once I’m awake, there’s no turning back.) But ten to six is a little crazy, even for me. By ‘morning person’, I am usually awake by eight-thirty, and I tend to be more productive in the morning, whilst lying in bed with a good book and a cup of tea tends to happen after two.

Anyway, so I woke up earlier than early. I think it was God. Actually, I know it was, because it sure as heck wasn’t me. So I woke up early, put on some comfy clothes because even though it’s hot during the day the clouds were covering the sun and the sun is sleepy in spring. (Spring? Summer? Are we in summer yet?) So the sun was sleepy but I was coping pretty well, so I grabbed my journal and my Bible and headed outside to a picnic table.

I sat there, and it was nice. I’m sorry if you were expecting a lovely story of all my revelations and wisdom, but it was relatively uneventful.

It was nice. Spending time outside, as I said yesterday, is always two thumbs up, especially on a cool morning that would soon disappear with heat *shudders* (*and sweats*). And I like spending time with God. I don’t do it every day (sorry to all those people who thought I was super disciplined lol) but I do love it.

I looked out at a lovely tall tree and I was inspired to draw a picture for God because I don’t usually draw. As soon as I started drawing, I remembered why I usually don’t. I’m sure God loved it, but I was embarrassed because it looked a bit suspicious and medical, so I turned to the next page of my journal and started writing instead. Ah, comfort zone.

This blog post doesn’t really have a point. I don’t mind, though. It’s not like every day I gain all this wisdom and have profound moments that I just have to share on the internet. I think a part of blogging is just sharing snippets of your life. Although you should all legitimately be impressed by the fact that this blog post has more words than my other recent ones. Winning! (Or maybe just because this one has more ramble. Hmm. Either way, winning!)

So I read my Bible and journalled and drew a dodgy looking tree then I went and stood under a jacaranda tree, hoping for a profound moment.

A petal fell on my face and scared the crap out of me.

But other than that it was beautiful.

It was a really nice morning. It was peaceful, and I think the only reason I say it was uneventful is because I still don’t always know what to do with peace. I like busying myself, and I’m used to stress, and I like feeling productive. I think this morning showed me I wasn’t quite sure of what to do with my extra hour and a half, and that I should be content in just sitting in the cool morning before the rush comes in. That I should be content in just sitting with God rather than demanding answers.

I’m going away tomorrow until Tuesday, and I’m hoping it will be a good time to have a few quiet reflection times, in which I can sit patiently and just be with God.

I’m learning, campers. (I also feel like I haven’t said the word campers in ages ☹. I still love you.)

Sarah xx

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