The Art of Having a Cuppa

Here is my pocket of thought for the day: cups of tea are really actually very amazing.

I was sitting here, with not much at all to blog about, when I decided that yes, making a cup of tea would be a good idea for this lack of inspiration (if I was hip enough, I’d write ‘inspo’ instead of ‘inspiration’, but I don’t want to look like I think I’m cool like dat).

So I go and make this cup of tea. And I wish there some great story to go with it, like I went to get a cup of tea and ran into George Clooney and he gave me $20,000, but no. I’m sorry. I made a cup of tea and the milk was in date and that’s good, so two thumbs up for that one.

So. I’ve talked about tea before (oh, and here!) but this time, I’ll be talking about tea a bit differently.

Tea is the perfect break. It gives you a few minutes to just breathe. You don’t have to use any brain power at all! You can just make your cup of tea, because if you’re making one it’s because you know what you want.

I love the process of making a cup of tea. It gives me a minute of quiet as I just let the teabag do its thing. It lets me recoup if I have to. It’s a way out of a situation (not that I run away from situations. Ha. Ha).

It’s kind of like washing the dishes. Even though it may not always be what you want to do, it doesn’t require brain power because you know exactly what you’re doing. You can just stand there doing the dishes and go off into your own world, or avoid your own world if that’s more where you’re at. It just gives your hands something to do without any pressure to think more than you want to.

This year I started working in an office, while last year my work was cleaning. Washing dishes, vacuuming, scrubbing toilets, you name it, I did it. Last year was tiring, sure, and some days were really hard, but this year has been much harder because my brain is always on and I constantly have to be aware of everything that’s going on.

Last year, I could absentmindedly mop the hallway or dust the window sills. This year, I’m constantly thinking about what’s happening, not just with me but with all the people around me. You’re constantly aware of everything.

Which is why my tea breaks are spot on what I need sometimes. Because I can do something without thinking too hard about it, and I don’t have to talk to someone. I just do my thing and the teabag does its thing and it’s a win for every party involved.

Sarah xx

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