Rainy Day Playlist

It’s a bit drizzly today. Not quite raining, but gloomy enough that it can pass as rainy.

I was about to start writing this blog post (very early, I know!), but before I did I put my music on shuffle. The first song that came on fit the weather perfectly, so now I’m motivated to make a rainy-day-playlist.

It’s been a while since I’ve made a playlist; I’ve missed it! So here we go. Nine songs for a rainy day.

  1. Hang me Out to Dry (Cold War Kids)

After listening to one of their songs, I can’t stop listening to a lot of them.


















  1. Love You Crazy (Mikky Ekko)

Recently discovered = recently loved.



















  1. Across the Universe (Mosaic MSC)

I can’t get enough of this band.




























4. Crows and Locusts (Brooke Fraser)

This song is so hauntingly beautiful.












5. The Goodbye Song (Cast of ‘Smash’)

One of my favourites from the show.










6. Sure (Handsome and Gretel)

Once you get past their band name, nothing will stop you from listening to this.








7. Abigail’s Song (Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales)

Repetitive yet effective.






8. You’ll Come (Hillsong Worship)

“Spirit rain” get it!?




9. Know Me Well (Roo Panes)

Once a favourite, always a favourite.


This day will probably become hot and gross, but until then, enjoy!

Sarah xx

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