The Art of Getting a Degree

Yesterday morning, I was asked what degree I would get if I could have any degree in the world. I could make up a degree. Basically, if I could be a genius in anything.

My first thought? Music. I’d love to understand more about guitar and singing rather than that I like the way it sounds.

My second thought was dressmaking. I love sewing so much, but my problem is that I quickly lose patience and I don’t like  putting in the effort to get good at it. I’d love to make more clothes, but I’m too scared to try.

My third thought was to get a degree in wording things better. I have my blog, which I’m proud of, but I often think of times when I should have spoken up or expressed myself.

So far in my life I don’t have a degree. But I hope that overtime, I’ll become better at these three things.

Sarah xx

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