The Art of Streaming Differently

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about streams of consciousness. You know, where you just write and you don’t put the pen down or edit your words. You just write and write and things come out, sometimes not what you were expecting. A lot of the time not what you’re expecting.

Tonight I was sitting in on a conference, and the speaker made us ‘stream’ for a few minutes, only she did something a bit different to what I usually do. She asked a question before hand and made us write nonstop in response to the question.

The question was: what do I want?

And by giving yourself time and the rule that you have to write and can’t stop and think about it means your heart is stirred and you write things that come directly from your heart. You write the deepest wants of your heart.

I really appreciated it. So that’s my challenge to you: answer a question in streams of consciousness. Don’t think about it, just write. And keep going. The first bit might be random un-motivation. But soon you’ll find it unblocks something within you, and you’ll write an honest answer without editing it and making it logical. It’ll be a pure, honest answer.

How good is that?

Sarah xx

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