The Art of Graduating

I know I repeat a lot of what I say on my blog (be productive, drink chai, love winter) but it’s because they’re continuous lessons I’m learning.

I don’t suddenly ‘like what I like’ just because I’ve written one blog post about joy; I’ve written about it plenty of times, and I still struggle with it sometimes.

This blog wasn’t about giving you new advice or wisdom everyday. It was about writing about my day, each day. And there are some things we go through over and over, because we’re continually growing and we’re continually learning how to not fall back into old habits.

Today I finished the end of my ‘school’. Once a month throughout this whole year I spent one weekend with the same people at a conference hall where we would be taught Jesus things. And today I graduated. A whole year of learning and growing and I received a certificate.

This ‘school’ has taught me a lot of things. God has revealed a lot of things about myself and about Him that I never knew before, and I feel like each weekend God opened my eyes to new things about sin and about healing and about who He is.

And it really does feel like the end. Graduation equals this closure and this feeling of finality.

This year I’ve been studying a diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology, and that won’t finish until December. So currently I’m in this weird state of feeling finished with doors closing, but in another sense I’ve still got two months of learning and growing to do. Well, I suppose I’ve got a whole lifetime for that.

I like this feeling of finality. Because I can look back at where I started, and I see how my heart has changed and I see how I’ve opened up to what God offers.

It’s a sad-and-happy goodness right now. Sad because we’re finished happy because we’re finished good because we’re finished. I did it.

I did it.

We should do things that make us proud to be us and we should do things that make us stand up, nice and tall, and see that God is good and you know what? Yeah, I’m pretty good too. Even amidst the struggles and the challenges, see that you did it. See that you are a conqueror. We are conquerors in Christ. You did it, friend.

It’s sad when a season ends, because you know things won’t be the same and that’s both good and bad and sad and happy. So right now I’m feeling all of these things and I’m so aware, I’m so aware, of the future. Because things will be different. And I’ll grow in new ways and deeper ways and I’ll learn things I probably don’t want to learn but I suppose I do because that’s how I change and that’s how I become transformed in my heart.

Keep learning, and keep digging. We should never stop. We should continuously be seeking more and more and we should continuously be finding people who help us along.

Well, it’s time for lunch. Graduation lunch. Hmm, you don’t have one of them everyday, do you?

It’s been a pleasure, campers, an absolute pleasure.

Until tomorrow,

Sarah xx

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