The Art of Thinking Ahead

Never underestimate the power of a dress with pockets. (I’m pretty sure that’s my life motto.)

My point in saying this at the start of this blog post (besides blindly reaching for inspiration and motivation) is that we should do things we can thank ourselves for.

We should look after ourselves. I love wearing a dress with pockets, because it means I have something to do with my hands. When I’m talking it doesn’t matter because I use my hands massively when I’m talking, but when I’m not talking, pockets are a must.

Even when I’m worshiping; if my arms aren’t in the air, they’re resting in my pockets. (Maybe that should be incentive to not wear pockets, I’m not sure.)

So when I put on a dress with pockets that I bought myself, it’s like a present to my future self. It’s me ‘investing’ in my future small-joys. We all have and need those small pleasures in life, and I think it’s okay to sometimes make them for ourselves.

I love the feeling of getting into bed with freshly washed, crisp sheets. Whenever I wash my sheets I make sure to make my bed extra good, because I know I’ll appreciate it that night. It’s a little investment of happiness into my future self.

It’s kind of like prepping dinner early or folding your washing as soon as it’s finished. One of the worst feelings in life (though this could be an exaggeration) is walking into your room at midnight and seeing a messy mountain of laundry sitting on your bed. You’re too tired to fold it and put it away at the time, so you push it onto the floor and fall asleep.

You wake up, and there it is! Sitting there, wrinkled and sad, and you know you have to deal with it.

I understand that I’m extra pedantic about cleanliness, so it’s okay if you can’t relate to my examples. But we all have things like that in life, don’t we? We’re good at making things harder for ourselves.

So go and do something that will bring your future self a little moment of smiles.

Sarah xx

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