The Art of Feeling Upbeat

There’s something to be said for songs that really pump you up and make you want to do something.

Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I listened to dance music with heavy beats really loudly in my ears. It didn’t help me sleep, but it did make me feel ready to spontaneously fly to Italy.

(I didn’t spontaneously fly to Italy, but maybe one day I will. I hope so. Italy is one of the places I really really want to see.)

I’m listening to a really upbeat song right now. And I’m not necessarily happy (nothing’s changed on that front, campers) but I’m feeling more excited about things in general than I have for a while.

I’m excited to make plans and I’m excited to follow through with them. I’m also excited to sleep in on Tuesday and laze about before I do said plans in the afternoon.

Because days shouldn’t always be ‘productive’ or ‘lazy’. Sometimes they should be a perfect mix. Sleeping in then doing one thing in the afternoon. Sometimes you need to do that, sometimes you need to ease yourself back into your life. And sometimes you have to give yourself permission to do that.

Because I’m learning that I can be content without being excited. I can be peaceful without being happy. I can simply go through a day and if I’ve done one thing, yay me. Yay me for doing that one thing, even if it wasn’t the fifty other things I’ve been thinking about.

I don’t know if I’m feeling optimistic right now because I’m listening to an upbeat song or because I’m genuinely excited to be excited someday soon. Maybe I’m optimistic because God is good; that sounds like a good reason, doesn’t it?

Sarah xx

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