The Art of Trusting

Sometimes it’s hard to blog because you don’t want to over share on the internet, but you also don’t want this facade of having it all together. (You know the types I’m talking about; mums who blog about their perfect home-schooled children who walk around barefoot planting zucchinis in their spare time.)

I have yet to find the balance of not being negative but still being real with myself and with you, my campers.

This blog was always going to challenge me; writing everyday knowing that I’d have bad days.

So let’s start here:

What I learnt today is that God does everything for a reason.

I already knew this, but I think I’m experiencing it in a different level, mainly in the past few days.

The truth is that nothing surprises God and He is in control of everything. This means everything that happens He will turn to good and He will use as part of His will.

How reassuring is that? I am God’s responsibility. I’m not in charge of my own life. Wherever I end up is up to Him.

I am not powerful enough to ruin God’s will. And if He wants the best for me, that’s His will. Which I can’t ruin.

Takes the pressure off a bit, doesn’t it?

So even though I’m not sure if I’m good or if I’m bad or if I’m okay or if I’m fine, I’m in the least relieved that God is my God and I’m content in the fact that He knows what He’s doing. (Because in all honesty, I have no clue what He’s doing. I don’t know why He does what He does but I can trust it’s for a good reason that will better me.)

Sarah xx

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