The Art of Loving Jeans

Let’s talk about jeans.

All day I’ve been thinking about what I could possibly blog about, and I thought that by going back to basics you can’t go wrong. Which is kind of why I started my blog post series about the things I love. It gives you something to write about even when you don’t feel like writing.

And so, jeans.

I didn’t wear jeans for years because they were uncomfortable and fitted weird and why would I wear something scratchy when loose pants are so (so so) comfortable?

But then I found the perfect pair of jeans and there’s just no turning back.

I wouldn’t consider jeans the most comfortable item in my wardrobe, not when pyjama pants and tracksuit pants are available (and let’s not forget the good old pair of leggings) though I do have a higher appreciation for them now.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans changed my life. They just fit so wonderfully, and you can wear them to a lot of occasions now. Basically, jeans are my go-to. Tracksuit pants (also known as ‘comfy pants’) are my go-to for winter and sadness, but jeans are my inbetween-occasions and if-in-doubt pants.

I am a believer that jeans are needed for a complete wardrobe. What would I wear otherwise on those mornings that I have ‘nothing’ to wear? Jeans save lives. Literally.

Not the deepest or longest blog post, but sometimes we have to start where we can with what we have, and go from there.

Sarah xx

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