The Art of Accepting

I didn’t blog yesterday.

I’m pretty unmotivated, and I think that’s just life. I can listen to music that would inspire me two weeks ago but listening to it now does nothing for me. I can change my writing environment and look out at the trees and the flowers and hear the birds but they just don’t spark an idea like they would have.

I think that sometimes we keep our heads down and I think that sometimes we have to be okay with that and roll with it. I don’t mean to wallow and be sad forever and ever, and I don’t think that ‘sad’ is even the right word for what this is. But I think we can’t just keep living like everything is fine because who we are when we’re not fine is someone we should know we can be. Because if we’re always living with our heads up we end up ignoring this part of us that just needs a bit of love and healing.

I think we need to address our losses then lift our heads to see the opportunities towering above us. But my main point here is to not ignore the losses, so long as we don’t get stuck in them.

Sarah xx

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