The Art of Worship Leading

Worship leading has always been on my list of goals because I honestly wanted to do it for God and not based on mankind. I wanted to do it so the roots of my identity can get stronger in Christ. Worship leading involves me relying God and not on myself; it’s looking at my heart and how I can grow, it’s how I can glorify and praise God without focusing on me, me, me.

Worship is something that God does through me, and a place where He can use me just as I am right now.

Leading worship has also made realise that God is legitimately all I need. It’s taken other experiences to make this fully stand out in my life, but worship is what kick-started the journey of discovering God as my all.

Worship leading also shifts my perspective. It takes away my worries of everyday life and makes me focus on God, and nothing really matters when you’re looking so intently at Him.

God has used worship leading in (many) other ways (it was honestly the thing I was afraid of the most last year, and I could probably write an entire book about that alone) and will continue to do so, which I think is just amazing. He meets us where we are right now.

Sarah xx

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