The Art of Leaving Plants Behind

Well, I’ve said goodbye to my new succulents (who were freshly watered yesterday) as I’m on holidays for a week. Ah. Holidays.

There has been no guilt in leaving my plants behind. Why would I think about my strong succulents, who can look after themselves, when I’m sitting here, relaxing with a book and a cup of tea (with a perfect milk-to-tea ratio, and with the milk added after the tea bag was taken out)?

I mean, sure, the last time I left my plants over the holidays they all died. But, as I’ve recounted to you on more than one occasion, it was hot and they were left in the sun for four weeks and there was no one there to water them. (Not my fault.) (Well, mostly not my fault.) (Well, let’s just leave it up to discussion.) (Moving on.)

But succulents don’t need water. They don’t need nothin’ from me.

Okay, so maybe they do need water (just a little bit).

But they can most certainly survive without me there for one bloomin’ week. In fact, they could probably survive two, three, four weeks without me. That’s how independent they are. I didn’t raise no clingy succulents who need me all the time.

I arrived home earlier this evening for my holiday, and sitting there on the kitchen windowsill were some cute-baby-succulents. I can’t escape the succulent life. But what can I say? I didn’t choose this life, this life chose me. And I’m more than happy to respond to the joyfulness a green-leafy creature brings.

Whenever I blog about plants, I don’t really give you new information. I just talk about the fact that I’m good at killing plants and that I like plants a lot. I don’t really mind though; it’s hard to blog about deep stuff all the time, and it’s hard to think of what else to write about. (Hey, I could always talk about chai or overalls, more topics which I write about often. But you love it, deep down. Deep deep deep down.)

Buy yourself a plant (or buy me a plant if you feel like the responsibility is too great), and have a good day, campers.

Sarah xx

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