The Art of Narrowing Down

As part of worship leading, I get to choose which songs we sing.

It’s nice, because most of the time the song that’s stuck in my head the week before I lead is a song that God wants me to sing. And then I do and it just feels right and you know it’s a God-thing.

(Okay, so usually I have a Vance Joy song stuck in my head, but to date I’ve never sung a Vance Joy song in worship. God seems to conveniently replace Vance Joy with worship music. Good thing, too.)

I’m leading again tomorrow morning (three songs) and this is why I thought I’d blog about it. Because something really cool happened tonight in regards to tomorrow.

Usually I think of two songs that I definitely want to sing, and the third one I get a second opinion on. But this week, I had about one million songs going through my head and I wanted to do all of them but because I wanted to do all of them I wanted to do none of them.

It was a dilemma.

So I wrote them all down on a piece of paper. (When I said one million songs I was rounding up to the nearest million. In reality there were eight songs I was trying to choose from.) I wrote them down and just decided to leave it, because I really couldn’t decide.

Fast forward to yesterday (Friday).

We do worship four times a week. Once on Friday night, twice on Saturday (morning and night) and once on Sunday morning. It goes for about half an hour, which means four or five songs, except for Sundays which is only three songs.

I only lead on Sundays, and someone else does Friday and Saturday, so I just get to chill in the audience without a micriphone on those days. Loverly.

Anyway. (This blog post required much more backstory than I originally suspected.)


So on Friday night I’m still undecided on what songs I want to lead on Sunday.ย I walk into worship, and the musicians start to play one of the songs I was wanting to do.

How good is that?!

It certainly makes things easier for me, because I can cross that song off my list. My list of options is dwindling, and in a good way.

Then on Saturday morning, we sing two other songs I had on my list. Well. Thank you Jesus.

It was a lovely, lovely surprise. I had been so wanting to sing all of my eight songs, and now here I am, and I’ve already sung three songs of eight that I wanted to! Brilliant. God really heard my heart cry.

We go to Saturday night. And we sing another two songs from my list.


Not only do I have my three final choices for Sunday, but I have the joy of singing the songs that have been stuck in my head all week.

I just love how it all worked out. God knew I needed to sing those songs, and he made a way for me to sing these eight songs when my maximum was technically three songs.

I couldn’t stop grinning.

So whilst I won’t be singing any Vance Joy tomorrow, campers, I’ll be singing the songs that are truest in my heart.

Sarah xx

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