The Art of Drinking Green Tea

Campers. Campers, campers, campers.

I have a confession to make: the green tea thing didn’t last long. I’ve been having green tea throughout the past few days, but it just ain’t happening.

The first time, which I blogged about, was surprisingly nice.

It was a one-off feeling.

The next day, I tried again with high expectations. I was left disappointed but prevailed.

Then today I tried again. I thought it’d be better. I thought yesterday was just a blip in the green-tea-graph of life.

It wasn’t a blip. It was a lifestyle that green tea chose, and I think it chose such a lifestyle to spite me.

Today’s blog post is short; I’m too worked up about the green tea to write anything more.

Have a good one, campers!

Sarah xx

5 thoughts on “The Art of Drinking Green Tea

  1. Have you tried flavoured green tea? I don’t really like green tea myself (because of that weird bitter roughness on your tongue that it gives) but I don’t mind it with, eg, lemongrass and ginger.


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