The Art of Claiming Succulents

This weekend just passed, we had a stall where we were selling succulents.

2017 (633)

There were many left over, so I made my way over to The Plant Keeper, where I timidly asked if I could take one tiny succulent. Just a small one, so you won’t even notice it’s gone.

As I’ve already discussed, I’ve got a skill in killing off my plants (see here or here) when I love them so much, so I decided not to keep any for a while.

But I’ve missed my babies.

So I thought that taking the succulent road would be wise. They’re difficult to kill, and if you forget to water them it’s fine because they’re strong like that.

The Plant Keeper didn’t let me take just one tiny little succulent, but four, and only one of them was small. I got one big-mama-tree-succulent, two medium-rubbery-things, and my tiny-baby-succulent.

Here they are:

2017 (634).JPG

All in all it was a day of achievement. I call it a win.

This morning I re-potted them so they weren’t in cracking plastic pots, and the old thrill of getting dirt under my nails came back. (I see how that could come across as sarcasm [knowing me] but that wasn’t sarcasm. I genuinely like getting my hands in the soil and potting plants.)

I’m sitting on my bed writing this blog post, and from where I sit I can see the top of big-mama-tree-succulent peeking out. I don’t know how much she’ll grow, but I don’t know what I’ll do if she grows much bigger. Still, we’ll see.

I do miss having pretty flowers, but seeing as I only have a few months left of the year, I think succulents were a wise move. Especially considering summer is coming up, and summer is the season that killed my other plants. Well, summer and the act that I forgot to water them. But hey, no one’s perfect.

I’m going to enjoy my new succulents, campers. Now go and have a good day!

Sarah xx


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