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The Art of Studying

Yesterday I planned a study day.

I had everything prepared. I was to go down to the empty hall and study, uninterrupted, for something that’s due on Thursday. Something that I hadn’t exactly started. (This is very uncharacteristic of me; usually I get so stressed I try to do everything waaay early.) So I was down in the hall…

…and I didn’t write anything.

I didn’t write a single thing!

Though I did play some guitar and my callouses are still going strong. So you should be impressed by that, even if I didn’t meet my goal of er, finishing that assignment that’s uh, due on Thursday.

But my guitar callouses are going well! We have to focus on the positive in life, right? Exactly.

So today I decided I would sit down and study.

You’ll be pleased to know that…

…I cooked myself some seriously good scrambled eggs for breakfast. They were at the perfect point of cooked without being too hard, and my toast had the perfect amount of butter on it. It was honestly amazing. I was so excited by my breakfast (that I had at midday, but still) that study seems very unimportant in comparison.

Honestly. What would you prefer talk about? A delicious, beautiful, golden, hot breakfast…

…or homework.

That’s what I thought! I knew you’d side with me. Thanks for being so encouraging even in this time of trial.

But I honestly have gotten some done. I sat down and I’ve done some and I’m proud of my progress. So proud, I might eat breakfast for dinner. Treat-yo-self, you know?

Sarah xx

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