The Art of Staying the Same

There’s this thought I have that I don’t fully understand, but here it is anyway;

We are all changing.

And yet we are still us.

Over the last year I have seen people grow and step out of their comfort zones and I’ve seen them learn and gain experience and make mistakes and try again.

I see them change.

But then they say something or make a silly face and it’s them. It’s just them. And they’re the same but they’re different but they’re the same. It’s still them.

I like that God did that. I like that we can grow but still be us. It’s like we’re growing into ourselves. An apple seed is always meant to be an apple, but it still has to grow and it has to gain roots and its roots have to strengthen and it needs water and soil and sun and care.

Every day I see people growing into themselves. Little apple seeds becoming the trees that can then feed others.

So we’re us but we’re also becoming us. A journey of growth that will never end.

I believe in you, little seedlings!

Sarah xx

P.S. I like brown alpacas 😉

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