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The Art of Surviving the Day

These are my tips on surviving a day that’s not the greatest;

1) talk to mum and dad.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I talk to my parents things automatically get brighter. If your parents are there, everything will turn out okay. They’ve lived longer than me, they’ve had more experiences than me, they understand where I’m coming from and they don’t judge me for what I say.

2) know how to laugh.

Not in a fake-happy way, but in a way that shows there’s still something to laugh about. Today I laughed about the word moist. That’s not the best thing in the world and it didn’t make my day heaps better, but at least I didn’t take myself too seriously in that moment of moist.

3) listen to a good worship song.

I only properly listened to one song, but it shifted my perspective a little bit. That moment of singing was joyous even if other things were not.

4) be proud of what you’ve achieved.

Look at something you’ve done, either that day or recently, and be proud of yourself. Because you did something and that’s impressive. Even if it was having a shower, you did it!

5) actually have a shower.

I had a shower and it was hot and it went for a long time and I sang my little heart out and I shaved my legs so even though my day wasn’t great at least I can slide into my sheets later on and that’s pretty close to happiness.

6) have a good friend close by.

A friend that can say everything you need to hear or just listen to what you have to say.

7) focus on the good

Just by writing this blog post I feel better because I’m remembering the good parts of the day. I’m not discounting the bad, but don’t let one puddle make you feel like you’re drowning.

I hope you had a good day, campers, I really do.

Sarah xx

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