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The Art of Branching

I’ve been thinking about Taylor Swift and I’ve been thinking about this blog and I’ve been thinking about my life.

In all honesty, I don’t know what Taylor Swift has to do with my blog or my future or my studies or my relationships or my passions or my Jesus. I think it just so happens that my recent Taylor-obsession has coincided with my thinking about these other things.

I like that.

I like that not everything in my life is about the same thing. I like that there are many branches that, despite coming from the same tree (aka me), don’t always have anything to do with each other. I like that one minute I can be freaking out about study and the next minute I can be singing Taylor Swift really loudly in the shower (because, let’s face it: bathrooms have great acoustics, if not giving us a bit too much hope in regards to our singing abilities).

I like that I can appreciate a song lyric or a drum beat or a bassline, and I like how that doesn’t change even if I move out of home or if I move back home. I like that I can listen to Taylor Swift with my earphones in turned up really loud and I like how that doesn’t change even if I have a long to-do list. I like that when I listen to Taylor Swift, no one else thinks of the same memories that I do.

My point is, different branches don’t always affect other branches. Sometimes two branches collide, and we have to cut one down. But other branches, like my Taylor Swift branch, will probably always live in harmony with some of my other branches.

I like that God is more constant than Taylor Swift. I like how He’s the branch that can’t be cut down. I like that no matter what else happens He’ll always be there. I like that his love is unchanging. Even if I don’t fully understand. Maybe I never will. And maybe we don’t have to fully understand; maybe we just have to accept it without asking too many questions.

I don’t why this blog post is a weird branch analogy about Taylor Swift and Jesus. I don’t know why, but it happened, campers, and I’m not taking back.

Sarah xx

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