I Should be Studying

‘I Should be Studying’, a poem by me, in which the words ring far too true.

I want words to come easy

I don’t want them to fail.

It’s like my assignment is a boat

That just won’t set sail.

I can think of overused similes

And procrastinate all day long

And in the end all that will show of it

Is this really pathetic song.

But at least I’m doing something

A word document is open

And even though it’s not ‘study’,

It’s more than I could hope for.

There are words forming phrases

And that’s better than nothing

Maybe I can go study now,

Now that this blog post has turned into something.

The boat hasn’t sailed

But at least it isn’t sinking

And even though I’m procrastinating

In the very least I’m thinking.

Will someone do my assignment for me?

Sarah xx

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