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The Art of Drinking Tea

I woke up late and slowly got ready for the day (by this I mean lying in bed for an hour before rising and putting on a different pair of pyjama pants and claiming myself ready for the day). My two roommates left the room to go out for a day-trip and I took this opportunity to blast the same song over and over while I vacuumed (which is one of the best feelings in life.)

Then my friend came into my room and we decided to drink some delicious tea in half an hour and I looked down at my fresh pair of pyjama pants and thought maybe not. So I put on a pretty dress (because everyone wants to feel pretty every now and then) (and we had an unusually lovely warm day) to go with our pretty teacups (it literally did match, so I was impressed with myself).

Then we sat on my balcony for a couple of hours just drinking tea and chatting (and it was really very nice).

This is the kind of day I like. (It’s in the same category as having breakfast out at a cafe.) It’s just relaxed and there’s no pressure to do anything but be still and be you, which is also one of the best feelings in the world. So we drank tea (so much, so good) and chatted and laughed and I didn’t think about study because study makes me stressed and I wanted a day that wasn’t filled with worry and panic (because that happens far too often).

After drinking lots and lots of tea (like, lots and lots of tea) I had a guitar lesson (of sorts) which involved me nervously laughing a lot and struggling to keep a rhythm (but that’s okay because I’m learning and even though I was embarrassed at how much I can’t do it I’m trying to not be embarrassed because learners make mistakes and professionals make mistakes and it’s okay to make mistakes).

The day finished with a spontaneous dance party in an empty paddock at nine o’clock proceeding a late (very late) dinner, which was really very great.

What stood out to me about my day, though, is how smooth it was. Usually I like planning everything, down to the tiniest detail so I’m not caught off-guard and so I can do everything on my to-do list. But today I just went with the flow. A suggestion was made to drink to and I said yes. An invitation to play guitar was made and I said yes. A dance party needed to happen and I said yes. I think I’m finally learning to relax and rest. I actually feel rested, because I wasn’t checking my schedule every two seconds. I just did things because it made my heart happy.

So now my heart is happy and my feet are tired (but the happy makes up for the feet).

Enjoy yourself, campers,

Sarah xx


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