Meaningful Playlist

Campers, it’s been ages since I made a playlist! I was thinking of some of these songs today, and now I’m listening to them and it’s wonderful so how can I not share them with you?

This is a list of eight songs that, despite being secular, are God songs to me. I know that that’s not the intention behind them, but to me they’re God songs, so that’s what they shall be!

  1. Not Alone (Kygo feat. Rhodes)

“You’re not alone. I’ll go wherever you need me to go.”















2. In the Name of Love (Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha)

“When the sadness leaves you broken in your bed, I will hold you in the depths of your despair. And it’s all in the name of love.”











3. Let me Love You (DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber)

“Don’t you give up. I won’t give up. Let me love you.”









4. Keeping your Head Up (Don Diablo remix) (Birdy)

“Hold tight you’re slowly coming back to life, I’ll be keeping your head up.”







5. Resolution (Matt Corby)

“It’s dangerous to speak and sigh, you might know what I’m trying to hide.”




6. Mess is Mine (Vance Joy)

“You know you gave me all the time. Oh, did I give enough of mine?

7. Roll up your Sleeves (Meg Mac)

“Roll up your sleeves and face the faces looking right back at me.”

8. Our Own House (MisterWives)

“Take it all, take it away. We’ll still have this undying love that is beating.”

I hope you enjoyed them 😊

Sarah xx

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