Creative Writing

The Art of Writing out your Feelings (part 9)

I’m tired and relatively stressed; I think this is the product of that combination:

We’ll miss this all one day.

It’ll be bitter and it’ll be sweet,

And it’ll be everything in between.

We’ll move on.

And then we’ll be left with

Those memories and feelings,

Words and their hidden meanings.

It doesn’t all make sense right now,

Somehow that’s okay.

Just tell me the gates will remain open

So we can come back again one day

We’ll come back when we need to find

A blurry inside joke or a vague compliment,

The small things we never meant to leave behind.

The small things we thought we’d never leave behind.

These small things have gathered dust in every room

But we’ll brush it off and we’ll remember

Then we’ll leave again holding the things we’d forgotten

I say ‘we’ll come back’ and you say ‘we’ll see’

I suppose that’s alright

So long as you don’t forget me.

Have a good night, campers.

Sarah xx

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