The Art of Clearing your Skin

As it’s winter, my skin has been dry as all get out. It’s pale and peel-y, and neither of those terms is very flattering so forgive me for the lovely mental image.

I’ve been surviving purely by wearing long pants and jumpers, covering up the dry skin. But you can’t cover up the dry skin on your face. Not even my glasses hide that much.

Recently, a few friends and I discovered a set of really good skincare products. We’ve only just started, so results are limited on the dry skin. But my skin does feel very soft, and the dryness on my face will, I’m sure, diminish. So I’m keen for that.

We all did our little skincare routine together tonight, putting on black clay masks which set which makes it hard to smile. But to make up for the not-being-able-to-smile-deal we’re now eating cheese and biscuits, which is a legitimately exciting thing.

It’s august, and my skin is ready to be not-dry (the word moist is bleurgh so I didn’t want to use it but I felt the need to explain why I wrote not-dry, which is very bad English. Now you know for future reference).

Happy beginning of august, campers.

Sarah xx

2017 (353).JPG

One thought on “The Art of Clearing your Skin

  1. I’m so lucky that it’s summer where I am so my skin is good right now. Definitely going to use these tips when it’s winter! Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x


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