The Art of Loving Jackets

Jackets. Jackets jackets jackets. I really like the word jacket.


The main thing I want to say about jackets is this:

I once called my dad “jacket”.

We were at some outing, though I was young enough that I can’t remember what for. All I remember is our whole family being there and a pond? Lake? General body of water? It was freezing, that much I know.

Earlier during the day, I assume my dad offered his jacket. I said no. Sometime later I needed it. I called out;

“Jacket can I borrow your –“

Pause. Frown.

“Did I just call you jacket?”

It was a moment that went down in history. It’s one of those memorable family quotes, one that still cracks me up. Seriously campers, I’m hilarious.

Point is, I really like jackets. I didn’t used to; jumpers were my way to go. But jackets are more and more becoming where it’s at.

Sarah xx

P.S. Also potatoes in their jackets. Cu-ute.

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