The Art of Thinking about Hair

This blog title is gross, not gonna lie. The word hair is kind of okay but also kind of icky, but we’ll see how we go.

I’m thinking about hair (in a non-icky way) and something my friend told me a couple of weeks ago is still on my mind. I was complaining about my hair (before it was cut and everything!) and she said,

“Sarah, you don’t look weird. You just feel weird.”

I’ll unpack this a little bit…

How can we feel so good about ourselves one day and then the next decide we’re not attractive at all? Literally nothing has changed. Maybe your hair is a little flatter or a little fluffier or maybe you’ve got a new bruise or blemish. But really? Should how we feel about ourselves change so much on one small factor that other people don’t notice?

When I used to complain about how I looked, my mum would look at me and sometimes say “Sarah, you don’t look weird. You look normal. You look like yourself.” So often we think we look massively different in a bad way, but in reality we just look like us. Yes, there are some days when our hair just works amazingly or our skin is unusually clear, and we get more compliments than usual and we feel like a million dollars, but generally through life? We simply look like us.

If my goal in life was to look like myself, I’ve already achieved it. I look like myself every day. People don’t care about the things I get dramatic and huffy about.

Take my haircut, for instance.

I got it cut and I loved it and I was all happy showing it off to people. Everyone complimented me, I felt good, etc.

The next day I thought I looked like a boy and I didn’t like it. But people still complimented it and people still complimented it today.

What changed?

I thought it looked worse, but everyone simply saw me looking like me just with a new haircut. I looked normal. I didn’t look like a boy at all. Everyone knows I’m not a boy.

Now on the days I don’t like the look of myself as much as other days, instead of saying “I look weird” or “I look gross” I’m trying to say “I feel weird” or “I feel gross”. Because that’s usually the case.

When I’m stressed or upset I feel weird inside and I feel gross inside and I automatically have a more negative view of how I see my looks. In reality, I look the same. The difference is what’s happenings on the inside.

Well done on looking like you this morning.

Sarah xx


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