The Art of Cutting Your Hair (part 2)

Yesterday I loved my new haircut.

Today I’ve decided that I look like a boy and I’ll tuck all my hair into a beanie every day until it’s waist-length.

I was told numerous times this afternoon that I do not, in actual fact, look like a boy, and whilst this information helps, it doesn’t calm the entirety of the rollercoaster of craziness that is the getting-a-haircut-process (how many times did I say the word ‘the’ in that sentence!?).

This usually happens, doesn’t it? When you get a haircut?

You love it and you hate it and you look amazing and you look weird and it sits nice and it sits gross and – and – and –

And I have already decided that tomorrow I will like my hair. I don’t think I can cope with not liking my hair. I just need to get used to it, that’s all. Okay. We’re okay. I’m okay.

It does feel nice. All healthy and coconutty.

Ha! I looked up the word ‘coconutty’ on google just to make sure it didn’t mean something dodge (I would prefer to keep the level of dodgyness on my blog to a minimum, thank you very much) and here’s what it said:

“Adjective. Resembling coconuts, coconut-like. Of, or pertaining to, coconuts. Full of  coconutty goodness.”

Coconutty goodness.

That sounds like something I’d say if I were trying to sell a coconut to someone. Here, it’s full of coconutty goodness because I don’t actually know what else to say about coconuts.

Well, I’m already feeling better about my hair due to the coconutty goodness of this conversation. Ha! I’m cracking myself up here. Please someone else find this funny. It’s funny, right? Coconutty? Right!?

I think this is my cue to end this blog post and go to bed. Have a good night, campers!

Sarah xx

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