The Art of Cutting Your Hair (part 1)

My friend, bless her, cut my hair yesterday afternoon. I was going to get a very tiny trim so my hair was still a long-ish length so that I could still curl it, braid it, not use bobby pins, etc.

My split ends (because I know you want to hear all about them) were so bad and my hair was so damaged I told my friend to cut off as much broken-hair as possible so my hair could then grow long but healthy.

It’s so bloomin’ short. My hair is so short.

Okay. We’re okay. I’m okay.

I knew it would be shorter, I just didn’t think it would be this short. I look about twelve (why did I get all of those clothes from the kids’ section of Kmart!? They don’t help!?)

But the truth is…

I actually really like it like this. It’s fun (which means it suits my personality? *shrugs* Who knows.) and now it’s healthy. The ends are neat and they’re having a happy healthy party because they’re not splitting and they’re not dry. (They’ve been soaking in a delightful smelling coconut oil, which I highly recommend to hydrate your hair.) (Especially after dyeing my hair, it became so dry, so the oil is a yes from me.) (Did you see my fabulous marketing skills right there?) (The brand of coconut oil is ogx.) (It’s also really expensive.)

With my snazzy-fresh-new-haircut, I have already accomplished many relaxing things this morning. I have had a shower, which is always a good sign, and I’ve flicked through my cookbook and looked at all the delicious looking pictures of eggs.

Actually, this is a very important point.

Campers, I love eggs! As you may know, I love breakfast, and an amazing breakfast that makes you feel good always involves eggs. I would rather go on a date for breakfast than for dinner, because breakfast is so fantastic. (Although still take me out for dinner.) (Not that you, as a camper, will take me out.) (But if you were to.) (Moving on. Quickly.)

So as a short-haired person I have flicked through cookbooks and have written my blog post earlier than usual, which means it won’t be ten o’clock and I want to sleep but have to find the brain cells to write something to post on the internet. *cheers*

I have short hair and it’s wonderful.

Until tomorrow,

Sarah xx

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