The Art of Falling Asleep

When I was fourteen, I could only fall asleep if I was listening to music. I made tons of playlists with songs put in the perfect order.

I don’t know how I did it. I certainly can’t fall asleep with music now.

Music keeps my brain awake and because it keeps me thinking I just can’t drift off into dreamland.

I’ve gone through stages of how I fall asleep through the years. Counting, imagining, focusing on my toes (that’s totally a thing, right?) (Ha! Toe-tally!)

But I like the stage I’m in right now the best.

You know what? I like it so much I’m not going to call it a stage but a lifestyle choice.

I now read the Bible and pray before I fall asleep, and even once the light is off and I’m sleepy and comfy I try to talk to Jesus still. I don’t always; sometimes before I sleep I think about the good parts of my day or the bad parts or I think about my future or my past. Sometimes I barely think at all.

But most days I try to feed my spirit.

A number of months ago, back in autumn, I was hurting a lot, and that’s what started the Bible reading before bed and the praying for as long as I could. Reading Lamentations (found in the Old Testament on page 939 in your pew Bibles) was the only thing keeping my head above water. That’s what it felt like. Every night I would read the Bible and I would speak it out loud and pray. I had never been closer to God before then. That was the first time I truly realised that He is a comforter and that He wants to comfort us. True story, bro.

I read the Bible with less…vigour now that the hurt is over, but I’m thankful that I still, at least a majority of the time, read the Bible before bed.

I can fall asleep without reading the Bible or praying; I’m not that legalistic, campers. But when I do I feel more rested and ready to sleep. It’s like something in me knows it’s safe to sleep because Jesus is watching over me.

Even amidst nightmares and other bad things that can happen when we sleep, we have a hope in our comforter.

Sarah xx

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