The Art of Advising

I did it, campers. I googled ‘things to blog about’. I know. Who does that!?

But I suppose it kind of worked because now I’m writing my blog post for the day and I’ve got an idea.

I found a website that a bunch of different writing ideas, and something that caught my eye was “The best advice you’ve ever received”.

How ridiculous!

As if I could think of just one set of advice that was the best I’ve ever received! I mean, it’s good, because it got me thinking, but I receive like, fifty million pieces of advice a week, how am I supposed to go through all of that?

Because advice is taken on board and important and heart-hitting when it fully applies to us in that moment. Someone could tell me the most profound thing in the world and I might not even realise it if my mind was caught up elsewhere. Don’t try advising me about what electricity company to go with if I’m wondering what fishing line to use, you know? (I used the most unlikely examples, by the way. I don’t care about electricity or fishing.)

Right now, the ‘best’ piece of advice that I can recall from the past few days is “let God comfort you.” That’s it, short and simple (though not so simple if you know what I mean.)

But if you had told me that two months ago I would’ve said “I know, I know; tell me instead how I can love other people better.”

Our season depends on what advice is classed as ‘good’ or not, or whether it’s the ‘best’ we’ve ever received. More often than not, if someone knows what I need to hear and they offer advice, it hits me really hard and I think I will never forget this, because it’s the most profound sentence in my life at the time. And that doesn’t mean a previous piece of advice was wrong, it’s just no longer the most relevant information in my mind.

Just something to think about.

Sarah xx

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