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The Art of Investing

I’ve been thinking about budgeting lately, and finance, and saving. (I know, who would’ve thought, right? But hey, it’s part of the winter Sarah; the one who goes running and buys washing machines.)

I’m sitting on my bed in a pair of the comfiest pants I’ve ever owned, and I realise that they’re one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. We all have those purchases that we’ve had planned for a little while and it’s so good, so good, when such purchases meet expectations.

I had needed to buy some comfy pants for a month or so without luck. As winter was looming, so was my fear of having an un-comfy-panted winter.

I found some just before the beginning of winter, and I’m sure they’ve saved my life on numerous occasions.

They’re the epitome of comfy. They’re the chai-tea of the pant-world. They’re fantastic. Such comfy pants were a worthy investment.

I believe that our main source of comfort should come from God, as He is the ultimate comforter, but putting on a pair of comfy pants never hurt anyone. It’s such a nice feeling after a hard day to walk upstairs and put on my pair of dark grey comfy pants.

I’ve said it before about how some certain clothes we own make us feel a certain way. And even though they shouldn’t necessarily impact us that much, they do anyway. (Exhibit a: the renowned leather jacket.) This pair of comfy pants is like that. I put them on and am automatically reminded of all the reasons I’ve worn them in the past. (Usually not because I’m cold, but because I’m sad and don’t care about what I look like because I just want to be comfortable and lie in bed for two weeks. They’re my lazy-day pants. My I-aint-gon-be-productive-today pants. My can-someone-please-make-me-cheesecake pants. My I-don’t-want-to-see-people-today pants. You get the idea. I’m sure you have a hoodie like these, or socks, or something. Don’t deny it and act like I’m the only one.)

So I’m wearing my comfy pants to bed (because it’s cold out there campers) and I’m thankful for the investment they’ve proven to be.

Tomorrow morning I’ll have a shower and I’ll maybe change into some jeans and get stuff done or maybe I’ll mosey about in my comfy pants for the entire day. Who knows, campers. Who knows.

Sarah xx

One thought on “The Art of Investing

  1. Every single pair of pants I own are can-someone-please-make-me-cheesecake pants. Maybe that’s why some of them don’t fit anymore…

    But seriously, can someone make me cheesecake? 😛

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