The Art of Sleeping In

I talk a lot about that productivity we can get ourselves into, and how doing things to get organised is good.

But how good is sleeping in!?

When you wake up without an alarm and spend that fifteen minutes floating between weirdo scenarios that’ll never happen in reality because you’re kind of dreaming but kind of not. And then you fall asleep again for real and wake up an hour later and it’s such a good feeling.

The sun is already up and you’re lounging about.

I love it when this happens, especially when you don’t have many obligations for the day. You lay there for a little bit, knowing you don’t have to get up. Then you do, and you mosey around doing your ‘tasks’, such as;

“Let’s go and eat this yoghurt and it’ll take two hours and I will feel healthy and strong!”

“Let’s go and listen to this playlist and it’ll take one hour and I will feel happy!”

“Let’s go and post a picture on Instagram just because woowoo!”

I love sleeping in. It doesn’t happen often, between the roommates, the sunlight, the I-need-to-get-up-before-eight-thirty-most-mornings-because-of-work. But that’s okay, because I’m a morning person and I life in general doesn’t mean sleeping in a whole lot.

That means that when I do actually get to sleep in, it’s spot on marvellous.

Have a good morning, campers, and let yourself sleep in sometimes.

Sarah xx

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