The Art of Shopping Right

Campers, before we get into this post know that it isn’t one about ‘saving money’ or ‘not spending’ ‘finding the right store’.

It’s about shopping without fear.

I started shopping in the kids’ section of Kmart last year, when I found the perfect pair of overalls. It changed my life.

There was a definite part of me that felt weird as I went to the back of the rack, trying to find a size that would fit me and not a twelve-year-old. Now I just go for it, campers. Going to the kids’ section is something I do nearly first, because the jumpers and softer and have proper-lengthed sleeves. Seriously, it’s a thing. I’m out shopping in the adults’ section for winter clothes, and 98% of their jumpers have three/quarter sleeves.

Who does that?

So the kids’ section has definite bonus points on my radar due to their jumper selection.

It’s actually quite groovy, walking down the street and seeing that you twin with a ten-year-old. It’s one of those moments in life that automatically brings joy because hello, not many people can say they match with random kids on the street.

But me? I can say that.

Even when there are mums out there in the kids’ section, trying to find something for their child? Don’t even worry. You just walk right up to that spotty jumper and you see if it’s in your size. (I’m usually a 14 in kids’ sizes, and there’s usually several articles in this size. #happydance!)

Tomorrow I have work in the morning and I’m going to proudly walk in through that office door in my kids’ denim jacket, and I’m going to be happy because the denim is softer than the denim in the adults’ section and I’m going to be happy because it’s shorter than most jackets, but that just makes it look trendy and expensive. (It also means I can wear it with a dress and it won’t look baggy.) (And the sleeves actually reach my wrists! That’s impressive.)

So I’m keen to wear my new denim jacket.

But if I hadn’t walked into the kids’ section, no new denim jacket would’ve been bought.

It’s worth the risk, the looks, the possible judgement, campers. I dare you to go into the kids’ section. It’ll change your entire world.

Sarah xx

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