The Art of Pondering Life

Maybe this blog post should’ve been called “The Art of Asking the Real Questions”.

If someone asks a small/insignificant/silly question, I usually counter it by saying “we’re asking the real questions now!” (I think I’m pretty funny, at least.)

But there legitimately comes a time when you have to ask the real questions. When you have to take a step back and reflect on what’s coming your way, and whether what’s coming your way is something you want coming your way.

Every now and then I get into these moods. Where I take the time to journal, and I write out wants for my life, short-term and long-term. Such as, is this something I want to achieve this year, or will it be a slower process?

I think we all need to do this, mostly at the points in our life when we know something is coming up and we’re going to have to deal with it and we can’t avoid it.

For instance, I’m going to have to decide what to do with my life by the end of the year. Okay, maybe not that drastic, but I do need some sort of a plan for next year so I don’t sit around doing nothing for months and months.

But then there are other small things in my life that I have to figure out, too. Because in moving away at the end of year, I have to think about any small goals I want to achieve this year, while I’m where I am.

We all have points in our lives where we have to stop and think and just collect our thoughts about what’s going on. Some things we can let slide by us, but other things, for me, have to be thought about more carefully and intentionally, because otherwise it’ll be a mini stress at the back of my mind for months.

Sometimes we have to stop and think, even if it’s difficult. We can’t stay comfortable in our bubble forever.

Sarah xx


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