The Art of Dinner-ing

I recognise that the proper term should be ‘dining’, but in the context of my night, dinner-ing definitely feels more appropriate.

This is my list of ten questions that get asked through the duration of being out for dinner.

  1. Will I be warm enough in this?

*grabs extra coat* *carries around extra coat all night*

  1. Can I get more water for the table?

This jug only lasted one round of filling up everyone’s glass.

  1. When’s an appropriate time to remind a waiter I haven’t got my food yet?

Trying to subtly make eye-contact with a waiter without being ‘that’ person.

  1. Why is this piece of lettuce so big?

I could’ve used this space on my plate to cut up the piece of meat that’s been precariously placed on a mountain of chips.

  1. Do you want to try some?

Yes you can have a bite. A small bite. That bite was very big -fine, fine I didn’t want it anyway.

  1. Why are the people behind us talking so loud?

I don’t need to hear about your Aunt Ermatrude.

  1. Am I ever the person people get annoyed at for talking too loud?

But I’m 100% sure you want to hear about good ol’ Aunt Gert.

  1. Do I save the best to last or eat the best first in case I get full?

I don’t want to eat all the salad to begin with and not have room for the steak, but I also don’t want to be nibbling on a limp lettuce leaf when the meal’s over.

  1. Do we buy the overpriced but amazing looking cheesecake here or buy some cheap ice cream from Coles on the way home?

Coles ice cream usually wins and I’ not complaining about this.

  1. Can we go home now?

Yes, yes we can. No, eight o’clock isn’t too early to go to bed. What can I say; going out to dinner makes me tired.

Have a good sleep campers! I sure hope I do.

Sarah xx

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