The Art of Singing on Your Own

There is something undeniably satisfying about having an environment to yourself. Whether that be a car, bathroom, or office, there is a freedom.

To sing as loud and crazy as you want.

My personal favourite is a bathroom because every now and then you catch glances of yourself in the mirror, dancing whilst trying to clean your teeth. As I said, undeniably satisfying. And bathrooms have acoustics that make you sound amazing to your own ears.

Cars have their own appeal though, because you can turn up the volume and have a sing party by yourself and every now you’ll stop at a traffic light and wonder if the people next to you think you have issues.

Offices can work, though I tend to forget other people can hear me. Though the office is so big it’s usually only good for humming because the space is kind of intimidating.

But I love singing on my own. You can try strange things out and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t and you can laugh at yourself and you can be impressed by yourself and there are no barriers because there’s no one around. That’s why I like bathrooms, because no one can sneakily catch you pretending to be in a music video. You just lock the door and off you go.

When I do my laundry I like wearing earphones and turning up the volume loudly (I know my ears will die by the time I’m thirty four, but right now I don’t really mind) because you can get lost in your own music-bubble and there are bits of songs that you and you alone can appreciate and if you try to show someone else they just don’t get it so you just be secretly in love with this one perfect note in a song and love it all on your own whilst doing your laundry.

Doesn’t that just sound like perfection?

Or what about you catch other people in their moments of music-joy? I love it. I love love love it.

Keep rockin’, campers,

Sarah xx

P.S. Song of the moment? “Find Me”, by Sigma Feat. Birdy.

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