The Art of Being Successful

Campers, how is it July already? It was only March two days ago, wasn’t it?


Because it’s July and I’m about halfway through my blogging-everyday-adventure, I decided to back through my blog and read the posts that, at the time, I didn’t like but posted anyway. (Remember, the point of this blog, among other reasons, was to write and ‘publish’ my writing before it was ‘perfect’. If I wasn’t ‘forced’ to post every day, I know I simply wouldn’t have ever blogged at all.)

So I was scrolling through and clicking on the links I wasn’t that proud of at the time, and I was already half-cringing in readiness for what I would read.

But then I read them and I actually…enjoyed them? Liked them? Truly I did, campers! (There’s life lesson in that somewhere, I’m sure.) So even though I’ve still got six months to go and who knows if I’ll still have any ideas by the end of that time, I see my blog as being a success.

Not because of the followers or views or comments, (because I know that in the grand scope of the blogging world I don’t have very many, though I personally think I have loads and loads and I’m so excited about it) but because of the way it’s teaching me.

Success doesn’t have to be measured by what other people view it as. My blog is a success, though to someone out there who stumbles upon it and sees that I have less than 100 followers (though more than fifty 😉) might scoff and think ‘who does she think she is?’

But I know that I love my blog and I know that some of you campers love my blog, and that’s enough for me.

On a side note, I still really feel like wearing overalls. Will I feel this way until spring arrives? There are some dresses you can wear in winter if you have the right jacket and tights, but I don’t think my overalls can be. They’re kind of all or nothing overalls. Sad.

Sarah xx

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