Get Fit Playlist

The playlist I’m sharing with you today holds songs I listen to when I go running. The running doesn’t happen often, but the motivation is there when I see this playlist sitting on my iPod, unused, because it’s a really good playlist and so as not to waste it I have to go running.

  1. Cocoon (Milky Chance)

“Let me bleed instead of you.”

2. Stranger (Peking Duk)

“When will I see you now, stranger could you walk me home.”

3. Don’t Let Me Down (The Chainsmokers)

“I call your name but you’re not around.”

4. Changed the way you Kissed Me (Example)

“And now you’re gonna miss me.”

5. It Aint Me (Kygo and Selena Gomez)

“I’ll take with me the polaroids and the memories.”

6. Don’t Hold your Breath (Nicole Scherzinger)

“It took all the strength I had but I crawled up on my feet again.”

7. Perfect Illusion (Lady Gaga)

“Somewhere in all the confusion, you were so perfect, a perfect illusion.”

8. Love Really Hurts without You (Billy Ocean)

“Love really hurts without you, and it’s breaking my heart but what can I do.”

9. Sweet Nothing (Calvin Harris and Florence Welch)

“But I’m tired of hope with nothing to hold.”

10. Body Talk (Foxes)

“Days like these I just want you back.”

I hope you’re as motivated to run as I am, campers, only I hope that you actually manage to run 😉

Sarah xx

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