Get Fit Playlist

e they also know of my many playlists and their intentions. All of my playlists have a purpose. They are all designed for a very specific mood, and these moods aren’t simply happy or sad. They can be something like songs for when I have lots of candles and no lights (I surprisingly get in that mood often, so that playlist is well used). Or my solo dance party playlist, which some songs can be played and danced to with other people around, but some songs on there are purely for myself (and maybe a select few if I’m brave enough to share).

The playlist I’m sharing with you today holds fifteen songs that I listen to when I go running. The running doesn’t happen often, but the motivation is there when I see this playlist sitting on my iPod, unused, because it’s a really good playlist and so as not to waste it I have to go running. Is that motivation or what!?

  1. Cocoon (Milky Chance)

Don’t act like you don’t sing along to this when it comes on in the shopping centre.

2. Stranger (Peking Duk)

Too catchy.




















3. Don’t Let Me Down (The Chainsmokers)

Gets so dramatic I can’t even. So much despair! I could listen to that build on repeat forever (when she sings higher than the usual melody and the drums build it and it’s just mmm).


















4. Changed the way you Kissed Me (Example)

I know you know this song; don’t pretend otherwise.















5. It Aint Me (Kygo and Selena Gomez)

Kygo Kygo Kygo is the best.













6. Don’t Hold your Breath (Nicole Scherzinger)

How can you not run to this song?












7. Perfect Illusion (Lady Gaga)

Life is too short to pretend not to like this song.










8. Love Really Hurts without You (Billy Ocean)

Oldies are (sometimes) what you need. Of course this song is on the list 😉





9. Sweet Nothing (Calvin Harris and Florence Welch)

Who would’ve thought this combination of artists would be gold.




10. In the Name of Love (Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha)

Kind of chill, kind of amazing.



11. Love Addict (Colour Castle)

The name alone, man!

12. Shed a Light (Moti remix) (Robin Schulz and David Guetta and Cheat Codes)

Another good remix.

13. Body Talk (Foxes)

Foxes has yet to disappoint.

14. Keeping your Head Up (Don Diablo remix) (Birdy)

How catchy!?

15. Scream (High School Musical 3)

Don’t be embarrassed about knowing all the words. I do.

I hope you’re as motivated to run as I am, campers, only I hope that you actually manage to run 😉

Sarah xx



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