Winter Playlist

I’m in a really sing-y mood since doing worship this morning (So. Good.) so I thought today was the day for another playlist! And because you all know how I feel about playlists and winter, I thought it was time we put them together! (Is anyone as keen for this as I am!?)

I hope you enjoy these very wintery songs 😊

  1. We Have Overcome (Rivers & Robots)

“We are hidden in the wounds of Christ.”

2. Never Run Dry (Housefires)

“Deserts will bloom in the light of your love.”


“The love you gave me, nothing else can save me.”

4. Born to Try (Delta Goodrem)

“All that you see is me.”

5. Glory & Wonder (Mosaic MSC)

“Take this heart and show it how to beat.”

6. Chasing Highs (Alma)

“I wanna get closer to you.”

7. Half Light (Banners)

“It makes me feel nervous, you have that look in your eye.”

8. We don’t Talk Anymore (Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez)

“Don’t wanna know if you’re looking into her eyes.”

9. She Wolf (David Guetta)

“You loved me and I froze in time.”

10. We Are Young (Fun.)

“Maybe we could find new ways to fall apart.”

11. The Weakness in Me (Joan Armatrading)

“To you I gave my affection right from the start.”

12. Crash (Usher)

“And I really, really, wanna love you, and I’m really, really only yours.”

13. I Won’t Let You Go (Snow Patrol)

“There’s something happening here, there’s something here that I just can’t explain.”

14. To Build a Home (The Cinematic Orchestra)

“Held on as tightly as you held on me.”

15. Orinoco Flow (Enya)

“Sail away, sail away.”

16. Beauty for Ashes (Chris McClarney)

“I’m overwhelmed by Your incredible love.”

Get keen, campers! Winter isn’t over for a long while so we may as well enjoy ourselves.

Sarah xx

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