Creative Writing

Our Princess

I feel it’s been a while since I’ve done some creative writing, and it just really appealed to me for today. So here we go 😉 (I also just really felt like winky-facing-it, so you got one of those too!)

‘Our Princess’, a poem by me.

She built these stone walls herself

The dragon is her friend.

She’s had knights come and go

She walks the halls alone.

We all know she needs saving

But she won’t let you in.

She thinks she doesn’t need a hero

Don’t try again tomorrow.

She won’t let her hair down

Especially not for you.

She isn’t locked, hidden away

Her tower is where she wants to stay.

Don’t trudge through the forest

Don’t scale the walls.

Don’t kill her dragon

It’s here for a reason.

The forest and walls deter you

But if you get past those

Her dragon is her companion

That will surely make you go.

It’s her last protection

To keep you from coming close

She doesn’t want you to see

All that she is and all that she will be.

Sarah xx

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