The Art of Loving Flowers

Campers, I could talk about flowers for dayz. (Flowers are so fancy I can talk about them for dayz, not days.)

I love flowers. They’re definitely one of the highest ranked simple joys in life.

NZ (175)

This morning I spent a lot of time looking at images of flowers (so good). They’re so beautiful, and I think they remind me that there is always beauty in life. And even when life seems kind of flat, there is always something worth smiling about. With natural things such as flowers and the moon and cockatoos, how can I not find the time to smile? Oh, and tea. Don’t forget the tea. (Bored? Have a cup of tea. Stressed? Have a cup of tea. Cold? Have a cup of tea!)

Anyway, so I’ve been looking at pictures of flowers, and they make me feel so peaceful. I can’t get over how beautiful they are. So I changed my desktop background to some flowers and my iPod background to some flowers and now I’m just feeling floral floral floral. Cute, delicate flowers are where it’s at for me. Nice pastel colours, that’s where it’s at.

I feel like when I’m older (or, who says I can’t start now!?) instead of being a cat lady I’ll be a flower lady. I’ll be a florist who sells flowers cheaply for guys who need to impress girls, or men who want to remind their wives they’re beautiful. I’ll listen to their stories of why they’re buying flowers and I’ll send flowers to my friends to make them smile and I’ll have a community of friends who appreciate flowers and even if they don’t they will because friends support each other even when they don’t understand. Well, within reason. Don’t quote me on that.

So I love flowers and I love God for giving us flowers and I wish I could make God a big bouquet and send it to Him but He’s kind of already done that but on a large scale because He made fields upon fields of wildflowers.

Floral things are just great.

Sarah xx

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