The Art of Stealing Potato Gems

Let’s get this straight: I didn’t actually steal steal potato gems. Here, I’ll tell you the full story.

But before I do, there’s something you need to know: Potato gems are rare. And once they’re here, they go quick. If we have them for lunch one day, if you’re not there at 1:10, they’re probably all going to be gone.

They’re delicious little pillows of potato, and their value will always remain incredibly high.

So I walk into the dining room at 1:05 and there’s a mountainous tray of potato gems and a line of people. Okay, I thought, I should get there in time.

I did, but because I’m a *nice* person, I didn’t take many. I took a tiny handful of potato gems (that was it; I didn’t grab anything else for lunch) and left the line to sit down.

By 1:15, everyone was sitting down with their lunch…

…there was still a mountainous pile of potato gems left over.

Campers, this never happens! Hopefully you understand my following actions.

So I was sitting at a table of girls, all who love potato gems. I was sitting closest to the potato gems. I was game. I was born ready for this moment. I was so keen it’s not even funny.

No one was by the food table. I saw my opportunity and I took it. I took it, campers!

I lunged over to the potato gem tray and grabbed handfuls of potato gems, placing them on girls’ plates as they handed them to me, all wanting a handful or two of potato gems.

Many potato gems were consumed. Many potato gems ‘stolen’.

It was a good moment, campers, one that I hope you’ll appreciate.

Sarah xx

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