The Art of Talking for Hours (when you don’t mean to)

Sharing a room with two other people has its downsides (such as being quiet when you wake up in the morning so as to not wake up your sleeping beauties) (or not being able to listen to music out loud if they’re doing their devotions) but it has the most amazing upsides.

One of these upsides is, alongside your down-the-hall-neighbour, having these long chats when you thought you’d only say one small thing. I totally love it. My down-the-hall-neighbour walked in to say -well, I don’t even remember what -and we ended up sitting for over an hour, laughing and talking about life.

Even though it’s hard, community living has definite amazing points. How many times in that conversation did we say “alright, bed now!” only to keep talking and telling stories? Or when it’s already late at night, and you end up talking into early morning, even though you both have work the next day? It’s worth the tiredness the next day (speaking from experience).

There’s an intimacy that comes with community living. Sometimes this comes across as my-life-is-a-fishbowl-in-which-they-know-too-much-of-my-private-life, but most of the time it’s a simple I-care-about-your-heart-and-want-to-do-life-with-you, which I think is pretty neat.

Don’t take the people around you for granted. I’m sure at least some of them are pretty neat, too 😉

Sarah xx

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