The Art of Making Bracelets

My sister and I were making beaded bracelets earlier today, and she said “guess what you can blog about!” I laughed, but in all honesty, it’s all I can think of writing about.

So, beaded bracelets.

It’s very simple. Find string/elastic/wire. Tie knot at one end. Choose cool bead design and thread onto string/elastic/wire. Try not to drop it or all the beads will fall onto the floor. Tie ends together. Wear with great happiness.

2017 (278)

I got back to my house and, disregarding personal space, shoved my hand in people’s faces to show off my beaded treasures.

I haven’t worn beaded bracelets since high mid high school, but now how can I not? I feel a trend coming back in; a trend of funky coloured bracelets and ankle socks over stockings. Fantastic.

Can I think of a better way to spend my day? No, no I can’t.

Only a few hours of being nineteen left,

Sarah xx

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